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Senator Sky Damon Announces Run For Senate

With Joni Ernst proving to be just to the right of former senator Tom Harkin, in other words, a liberal, Senator Sky Damon is throwing his hat into the ring today to be the next senator from Iowa.

Joni ErnstSaid Joni Ernst, when she announced her run for that old socialist Tom Harkin's senate seat: "I'm in." Well, I can do better than that: Like David Petraeus, "I'm all in."

The Senator will defeat liberal Joni Ernst in the Republican primary, and whatever socialist the Democrats throw up in the general election in 2020.

According to the Senator, Mrs. Ernst is anything but a true conservative, voting for policies that have run up huge budget deficits and endangered our personal liberties.

It's time for a change in Washington. Tax and spend liberals like Joni Ernst, who don't respect personal freedoms, will be replaced by true conservatives and patriotic veterans in the mold of Senator Sky Damon.

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Senator Sky Damon

Senator Sky Damon


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