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Deficit Reduction

Reduce, Re-use, & Recycle

Budget, 2011

Senator takes a mantra from the now defunct and discredited environmental movement, the three R's feel-good liberals always trot out so they don't have to engage in real conservation: Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle.


Senator would reduce our dependence on foreign financing of our debt by simply printing more money. The elderly could reduce their dependence on the federal government by reducing their trips to the doctor's office, and we could save a ton of money by reducing the cost of living adjustments to Social Security. And how about reducing the age students are mandated to attend school? Do we really want kids older than ten in school if they don't want to be there?


Hospitals need to learn to re-use items that now routinely find their way into landfills or onto our public beaches. Why throw away hypodermic needles or lightly used bandages? And would it really matter that much if one reheated a meal that was untouched by a coma patient? And why build new schools when many abandoned factories sit idle for decades? Simply re-purpose the old punch-in time clocks and thereby also eliminate the need for school attendance clerks. Think of the billions that could be saved by simply re-using or re-purposing what we already have.


The War Department became the Department of Defence. How about a Department of Homeland Social Security, or combined Department of Agricultural Labor, two obvious examples? By combining cabinet-level positions and departments, and recycling existing programs and the bureaucrats who run them, we can save billions in mandatory and discretionary spending.

Senator Sky Damon

Senator Sky Damon


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