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The Life and Times of Senator Sky Damon

Senator Sky Damon in the Navy

Born to a hardscrabble Baptist minister's family in rural Nebraska, Senator Sky Damon has pulled himself up from his humble beginnings with hard work and perseverance. One of seven children, Senator learned early on what "pecking order" means.

After working his way through high school, the Senator chose the United States Navy instead of going off to college with his friends.

"I wanted to give something back to this great country that has given me so much", he remarked in his official biography.

After a distinguished career in the military, the Senator used his G.I. Bill to earn his Bachelor's Degree, attend law school, and finally, get his Master's degree, all at the University of Iowa.

While attending the University of Iowa, he met his future wife Lucy, who was then President of the Student Senate at the University. Lucy and the Sky were never blessed with children, which is why the Senator has devoted his life to teaching.

Sky is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Governor's Award For Merit, and the Presidential Scholars' Teacher Recognition Award.

Senator Sky Damon

Senator Sky Damon


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