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Sustainable Worker Program

Migrant workers.
Senator Sky Damon's agricultural policies bring together his visionary solutions to abortion, child labor, and rural economic development.

Its no secret that the nation's rural areas are facing major labor shortages. Likewise, many Americans who grew up on the farm wistfully remember the joys of rural living.

The Senator proposes allowing major agricultural corporations to receive federal incentives to build mega beef, pork, and poultry confinement facilities and employ children who have dropped out of school, or were saved from abortions by the corporate sponsorship program.

Corporations will reap the benefit of their rural investments, and children will prosper through the rural life style of hard work, thrift, and isolation from the distractions of modern society. These children will grow up and have children themselves, thus creating a sustainable supply of agricultural workers.

Senator Sky Damon

Senator Sky Damon


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