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Privatize ChildbirthLive, healthy children at work.

As a late-term abortion survivor himself, Senator Sky Damon would immediately push for legislation to allow corporations to sponsor the unborn, bring them to term, and take custody of these newborns as future indentured workers.

In turn for having their lives spared, these little tykes would simply be required to work off their living expenses incurred by the corporations. This would take as little as twenty years, at which time they would be free to join the military branch of their choosing.

This program would simultaneously make us more globally competitive by creating a child labor market here in the United States using fetuses that would otherwise have been destroyed. We would no longer have to export our child labor. And the perpetual war machine of the war on terror, upon which our economy depends, would have a constant supply of new recruits.

Senator Sky Damon

Senator Sky Damon


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